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Welcome to Untold Boudoir! I am Christina, a former elementary teacher turned boudoir photographer. Let me tell you something…I . LOVE. BOUDOIR. 

In 2020 I decided to step away from the education field and turn my photography hobby into a career. I tried boudoir after a few months, and I quickly fell in love.

Women were opening up to me about their lives, how they felt in their own skin, and how they needed to see themselves differently. That was now my calling, and I knew it. 
Women see themselves differently after their sessions (myself included). I’ve heard gasps when clients are shocked at how beautiful they look, I’ve seen happy tears, and have even cried happy tears with clients! I am fulfilled….and I wouldn’t trade this career for anything in the world. 
I would love to connect with you more and talk about planning your own session! Click the contact button below and I will reach out!