Come Learn About Who We Are!

Hey friends! We’re so glad you stopped by! We wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about us here at Untold Boudoir.

In the past, I was an elementary school teacher while Daniel worked at Mondelez (we called him the Oreo man lol).  We adopted our little girl from India in October 2019, and felt as though we finally had our little family! I went back to teaching in January, and as we all know, Covid hit the USA in March 2013. Schools shut down, Millie’s daycare shut down, and I was  home with Millie while Daniel worked crazy shifts with long hours at various grocery stores. As I had that time home with Millie, I absolutely loved it! I wanted to be able to spend more time with her, especially since I had missed her first year and a half of life already. As any teacher would tell you, having that flexible schedule just wasn’t available with the job that I had. While I loved teaching, I ultimately had to make a decision. I chose to step out into a new path and start my own business in photography! I purchased a camera from a photographer friend, and his best advice was to learn manual mode…don’t put it in automatic. So that’s what I did. I spent SO much time learning the camera, and practicing every day. Thank goodness I had a cute little one with me to practice on! From there, I started shooting family and friends for free in order to get more practice. In October 2020, I felt we were ready to become a business. We filed all the paperwork, paid the fees and taxes, and became official!


At first I shot anything I could: families, pets, kids, couples…you name it, I tried it. After a few months, I really wanted to try boudoir. I had a client reach out who had never had a boudoir session before, and was willing to let me try whatever I wanted to get comfortable with the genre. We ended up having SO much fun. When she saw her photos, she said she never thought she could look like she did in the photos, and I saw an immediate confidence boost. From there I knew this was the genre I wanted to focus on most. I dove into education with photographers that I admired and aspired to be most like, and Daniel would come home from work each day and learn with me. By April of 2021, I had too many clients to be able to handle everything by myself. Timing ended up being perfect, because Daniel was then able to join me full time. Since then, we got tired of renting out Airbnbs for photo sessions, and decided to renovate our basement. We created our perfect little studio down there, and absolutely love having the freedom to change things up and create sets that work with our clients’ needs. We still shoot some other things on the side as we build up to full time in this genre, but our goal within the next year is to shoot only boudoir and families (travel sessions are of course included in both of those, because we love to travel)! We really can’t wait to see what the future brings us, and we are so excited to have you all along for the ride!