Leslie’s Session Through Her Eyes

Hey y'all!

I'm Leslie, and this is the story of my photoshoot through my eyes.

I knew I wanted to have a session to help me with my mental state when it comes to how I look at myself. After I had my daughter I felt horrible about myself. I had never worn lingerie a day in my life until the day of my photo shoot. I had so many hesitations. For example, I thought there’s no way that I’m going to look any different in LESS clothes when I’m not even happy with the way I look WITH clothes, you know? 

I was soooo nervous leading up to my shoot I thought about canceling multiple times. I am a very introverted and shy person so this kind of thing was something I never thought I would do. I knew if I could just get myself to the shoot and give it a chance what would it hurt?! 

Christina and Daniel were so amazing with everything: keeping communication open all the way leading up to my session day, reassuring literally EVERYTHING. 

When I got to my photoshoot I was shaking with nerves, but after a short time my nerves left. They instantly felt like friends I had known for a lifetime! Their makeup artist, Sydney, is amazing at what she does, too! As we started the session, Christina literally showed me every pose herself so that it was easy. She even shows you shots mid session! When I saw the first one I was like okay WOW, that’s amazing! 

When I came back to see the photo reveal I was amazed! I have never been able to see myself in the way that I was able to see in those photos. I never thought I could be “sexy” or “hot.” I was WRONG! I saw myself as this sexy, confident woman that I am on the inside and really goes to show that confidence means everything. 

I love every single photo they took! If you are like I was, finding yourself loving the way you look less and less, take a photo shoot into consideration! Follow through with it, and I promise you will not regret this! 

"You'll never do a whole lot unless you are brave enough to try."