Session with Mrs. Ashley

Today we had the pleasure of having a session with Mrs. Ashley. I felt like we really knew each other already because we have spent the last six months talking over our boudoir Facebook group, so seeing her in person really was exciting for me! As she entered the studio, you could tell she was nervous. I’m no stranger to anxiety, and we have very similar things that we do when feeling anxious. Shaky voice, playing with her hands, just nerves in general. That’s nothing we haven’t seen before, so I let her know that she would feel much better once we got started. Friends, that is EXACTLY what happened. Going from a bundle of nerves to feeling carefree and able to let loose, that’s the best sight for us to see as photographers!  We strive to make sure our clients are comfortable! Her outfits were carefully planned, ranging from her hubby’s high school football jersey, to a work shirt, and ending with lingerie! We even caught a laugh in one of her photos, which always end up being some of my favorites! Y’all check out a few of our favorites below!


PS…she’s already set up another session for August 2022. That’s a really good feeling <3