Why a Boudoir Session is So Much More Than Just a Check Off Your Bucket List

We hear it all the time… “I just want a few sexy photos for (insert significant other’s name here).” It’s at that moment that we smile, talk about how much your partner will love these photos, and then go on to emphasize the beauty of doing this photo shoot for yourself. Many women do not realize how much more a boudoir shoot is than just taking sexy photos. Once you book a session, we spend time getting to know you. We build a relationship, and get to know what you love about yourself as well as areas that you are more insecure about. From there, we work on building you up in areas that you struggle with. By the time your session comes around, we know each other really well (which is great because who wants to get naked in front of a complete stranger?). We know how to pose you to emphasize areas that you love about yourself, and will also take photos of areas that you aren’t used to loving. We spend time talking through your photos, what you love, and any hesitations you may have with what you see. What is the most beautiful through the whole process, is when you look at us during your image reveal and tell us how you’ve never seen yourself this way. At that moment, you experience the freedom that we were hoping you would feel. Freedom from past hurts and from the harsh judgement you often put on yourself. You feel empowered, strong, and ready to take on the world with a new viewpoint of yourself. That’s why having a boudoir session is so much more than just a photography session. We pride ourselves on taking amazing photos that reflect who you are, and give you a new viewpoint on your body image that you may not have experienced before.