Nudescapes with Mrs. B

When Mrs. B decided she wanted to do a boudoir session with us, we were so excited. She had put in a lot of work on her health, and decided it was time to treat herself with a boudoir session. We spoke about different sets that we had available, and the one that intrigued her the most was our Nudescapes set. It sounds intimidating, but it’s not bad! These photos are taken completely nude, and we work to highlight certain parts of your body to create fine art portraiture…much like what you would see in an art gallery in my opinion. After talking it over with her, she was ALL in! We loved it!


I think the worst part is the initial thought of, “Oh crap, I’m about to be completely naked in front of these people.” Really though, we are so used to the human body, there’s nothing you could show us that would scare us away. I mean it! After getting past that initial shyness of getting nude, we go straight to work. We love showing you your photos on the back of the camera so you’ll feel more comfortable, which I think helps as well. Everyone needs to feel comfortable. That’s exactly what we did for Mrs. B, and she ended up having SO. MUCH. FUN!!


We have worked really hard to perfect this artful skill we call Nudescapes, and will always continue pushing ourselves to learn more and create something different. That being said, I’m really proud of these photos! They captured her personality, her hard work, her struggle, her triumph, and were fun! I know I’ll definitely be recommending our future clients do this as well!