The Busy Woman’s Guide to Instant Gratification

You open your eyes to a toddler poking you in the eye to wake you up, and that’s how your busy day begins. You are taking care of the kids, stepping on toys, and halfway folding laundry because once you get started the little one needs you again. You work to cram everything in while one kid is at school and the other is taking a nap, but you are exhausted and end up falling asleep in the armchair by the couch. You wake up to the littlest playing in their bed, and look around at everything you didn’t get done during nap time. The oldest comes home and you provide snacks, hugs, talk about their day, and then head out the door to dance, baseball, gymnastics, or track. Mama, I get it. YOU. ARE. BUSY. How could you possibly have time to step away from everything and have a boudoir session? 

What if I told you that I get it? As a busy mom and business owner, life seems crazy! I’m grabbing clothes to wear from the clean clothes in the dryer and restarting the wash twice because I keep forgetting to change them out. Because of that, I wanted to design a boudoir day where everything is taken care of in that ONE day. No stressing about taking off work twice, no stress even about being home by the time the kids get off the school bus! I’m in the same boat as you, I want to make it easy. Your boudoir session and reveal will both take place the SAME DAY! <insert gasp or other shocked noise here>. You read that right! No precious time wasted, we’re in this together and I’ve got you! 


You may be asking, but how? That’s a lot to get done in one day! I have expertly crafted the perfect experience for you, that also respects your time as a busy woman. Your session will take place at my studio starting at 9:00am. I’m going to have a mimosa waiting for you along with your favorite music playing over the speaker while you relax and have your hair and makeup completed. I provide outfits for you to wear, style you, coach you through your entire session, and then send you off to lunch! When you come back you will view your gallery the same day, choose the photos you would like to purchase for whatever product/collection you’ve chosen, and then you are good to go! Your day with me will be complete between 1:30pm and 2:00pm, and you’ll be out the door before the kiddos even step foot on a school bus! I even have your products shipped directly to your door, so you don’t even have to worry about finding time to come back to the studio at all! Take a few hours for yourself, you deserve it. I’ll handle the rest! The women below are all women with a busy lifestyle. They are moms, professionals, entrepreneurs, and always on the go. If they can take a few hours, so can you! Contact me through my website for more details, and let’s get your dream session started!